Labinf, consolidated brand name in Information Technology dating back to the 70s, with the first company founded in Santhià, in the province of Vercelli, developing information technology solutions for the management of companies.

Laboratorio di Informatica, later transformed into Labinf, in time develops innovative hw and sw solutions for private businesses and public company services.

In the 80s, Labinf so becomes a point of reference in its sector; mastering the mix of technical, process and market competences, qualifying also as systems integrator.

It is in this viewpoint of capacity and service that the group is configured at the end of the 80s, with the creation of new companies specialised in areas of competence, but complementary in services.

At the end of the 90s, the acquisition of SIPAC gives the group an aspect that is completed in 2003 with the foundation of HMS IT, reconfirming a versatile reality in the ICT panorama.

More than 25 years of SERVICE dedicated to customer satisfaction
  Commitment to satisfying the expectations of over a thousand customers has permitted the Labinf group to construct and maintain lasting relations which represent the fundamental asset of the company today.
A result obtained with the capacity to evolve structure and offer in relation to new customer requirements, often arriving at true partnership.
Specialisation, organisation and certified quality
  The structure has strengthened in time with the broadening of the product range and the articulation of the proposal, having highly qualified specialists certified by major technological partners.
Also the quality of the organisation has been subjected to verification and is continuously guaranteed by UNI – EN ISO 9001 e Vision 2000 certifications.The broadening of the proposals has been supported by the assistance network, strengthened in the territory (present in the major centres of Italy) and adjusted according to effective customer requirements.
The most up to dated services and solutions
  The offer has evolved from single products to integrated solutions and extends from ERP systems to technological infrastructures, to networks, to various internet applications,…