Today, the Labinf Group is integrating the proposals of its companies in a global consultant role in its traditional market fields as well as striving towards new solutions of specific interest to its customers.

5 strongly correlated companies:

Labinf spa
Labinf Sistemi
Labinf Tecnologie
H.M.S. Sipac

5 main offices, 10 centres of competence, 30 million euro turnover, 130 people, over 1000 customers...


Labinf spa           |             Labinf Sistemi            |        Labinf Tecnologie        |           H.M.S. Sipac           |                        HMS IT           

Leader company with financial coordination and control functions

Creates complete and integrated information technology solutions for the management and administration of industrial, distribution and service companies, and centralised and local public administrations

Company specialised in “e-business”, supplying various solutions to all companies/organisations which adopt the WEB as an instrument of work

Dedicated to consultancy, integration and assistance of multivendor systems towards various markets with solutions for client server, networking, thin computing...

Specialised in consultancy, design and integration of multivendor systems with solutions for client server, storage, networking etc, in particular in the market of central and local public administration, telecommunications and large accounts